The trucks I put under my feet are the Aera Trucks, they offer a very precision like turn, allowing for the best grip possible from the wheels that you ride.

The feedback from the truck lets you feel the wheels interact with the road, letting the rider know where to set their weight on top of their deck.

There are many parts of a longboard truck that need to be maintained and check on, to make sure they are in good working condition, if the rider is looking to push the limits of grip.

The K5 is my truck of choice when It comes to downhill. The lean that it offers is amazing and the amount of grip you receive back is mind-blowing. Really, Aera Trucks make the way you ride safer, by increasing grip, and increasing control. A CNC manufacturing process, creates a product that is strong, and very precise. They are Peace of mind in a well engineered piece of longboard equipment.


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