Alex Charleson is sponsored by Original Skateboards, Aera trucks, Powel Peralta Wheels, and  Q energy Health drink . I am also a flow rider for Push Culture Apparel. Click the links below for more info on each of these.

Set Up: Original skateboards Arbiter 36, Aera Trucks K5, Powel Peralta Wheels 66mm 78a c, Bones Swiss ceramics.


Original Skateboards


Original Skateboards has been designing and building performance boards in their New Jersey, USA manufacturing center since being founded in 2002. With innovative boards and killer online rider support, Original designs performance boards that are simple and elegant while keeping the sport accessible.  I enjoy daily cruising on my Arbiter 36 and it’s my preferred board for racing. Link to Original website to learn more about their products.

Aera Trucks


Since 2009 Aera Trucks has been creating the most competitive and successful downhill trucks ever made. Consistent results and innovation are the name of the game in a fast moving sport. This company has been consistently producing amazing equipment for downhill longboarders around the world, if you want the best, buy these trucks.  Link to Aera Trucks website to learn more about their products.




Powel Peralta wheels are created by Skate One Corp., source of the finest, most innovative skate wheels in the industry, since 1976. Powel Peralta Wheels are poured in the Santa Barbara, California factory, where they create unique urethane formulations for specific skate terrains. Powel Wheels are created with the highest quality materials in order to provide higher performance and longer life, creating true value for skaters. I Highly recomend these wheels to any kind of skateboarder. Link to Powel Peralta website to learn more.

Q Energy Health Drink 


Q Energy is named for Quercetin – the unique ingredient that makes Q Energy so naturally awesome. Quercetin is a natural antioxidant found in fruits, plants and vegetables, and delivers energy at a cellular level. Quercetin shares the anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties of other antioxidants, but studies have also shown that it can provide energy by increasing the body’s natural ability to convert calories into energy. In other words, instead of simply adding more calories, Q helps you burn the calories you already have more efficiently.  It isn’t a quick fix or a short-cut; it is a healthy choice for more energy used by many competitive athletes.  Q Energy link here.