The Homies Skate Media

A group of guys from Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia. Riding to inspire.pure

We have all been riding for 5+ years, and are completely able to absolutely rip down any hill, anywhere, anytime. I mean like, its kinda cool right?

Most of us ride for longboard companies, and have for many years. These companies have pushed us to our limits around the world, taking on any hill we can find, and riding down them in the name of skateboarding. We do it because we love it.

We all met roughly around four years ago while the longboarding scene in Vancouver was exploding, we had friends from high school that all rode, and from that they had friends, that new other friends. Sessions happened on a regular basis and that how we all got to know each other, all of those friends soon became riding buddies. We were all very into riding not just to have fun, being reckless teenagers on open roads, but to be in control, to be able to know our limits. Once we found those limits, we would push the living shit out of them.

The rest of the longboard community saw us and noticed that we were getting good, they noticed that we were getting board company support, they noticed that we were flying places. I honesty think the reason that the longboard community in Vancouver became so small was because we were blowing up.

The Homies Skate Media is here to inspire. We want to collectively bring the longboard scene to where it used to be. The collective movement of the Homies making videos, is to show you, what you and few of your good buddies can do.

Skating is part of us, its a large portion of our lives. It allows us to stop thinking about all the other shit that can be happening, by simply stepping onto a skateboard and rolling down a hill. Honestly, its very difficult to put into word, but from my perspective it is one of those feelings of pure focused sensory stimulating freedom.


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