Kings gate world cup disqualification + travel updates 

Once we arrived and got out tents set up, a group of us decided we would walk the hill to check the coarse. At first glance all I could think about, was the safety of the coarse, managing 4 man heats was going to be insense

On practice day, we rallied to get up for runs at 11, breakfast made, we ate and got our gear ready. After the first few runs the corners felt nice. The coarse marshals decided on doing two man heats to start, that way the amount of crashes would be less. The day lingered on, skateing with a bunch of different people, testing out diffrent lines. The next day was dry for one run then the sky’s opened up. Every one took a few runs to get their lines dialed on the wet road, then packed it in trying to keep the leathers as dry as possible.

Qualifying, the next day was wet, the morning was quite with everyone at the camp site tinkering with their wheels, deciding what the best option would be. The four runs we did where pretty split up. First run, fully wet. Second run, patchy bottom wet top. Third run, patchy all around. Fourth run, the staff waited till it was fully dry. The fourth run I took the number one spot overall for qualifications

Race day was per usual, with talks about race tactics going on, everyone changing wheels, and all the warm ups. The disqualification happened during the quarter final heat. I made contact with my arm against his butt, he took on speed in his slide from the contact. He ended up finishing third, he then stopped sourly, and decided to do somthing about it. The contact was significant enough, causing him too much of a disadvantage to have a fair race. Both Qui and I didn’t seen the footage. Based on the circumstances Colin made the decision to go through with it, and I wasn’t able to skate down the hill.

Euro tour 2017

Today I flew from Vancouver to Venice to meet up with Emily Pross, and Sabrina Ambrosi, to travel with for a month and a half. We’re going to be skating around the Slovenian hills the next few days, honing in the skills for the next few weeks.

The events I’ll be at the next two weeks, I’ll have the new Powell Snakes, a 69mm 75a center set freeride wheel & Powell Scales, a 70mm 75a fast freeride wheel for people to purchase. Very limited quantities available but for a discounted price €30 a set due to graphic defects. 

I’ll keep things posted on here for the rest of the trip, skate photos and  random stuff that I think is cool. 


– King’s Gate

– Kozakov Challenge

– Teolo 

– KNK Longboard Camp WEEK 

5th place. NEWTONS world cup, Mt panorama 2017.


2017 brings back the legendary race Newtons. Mt panorama is a very well known spot for V8 race car drivers year round, but this is the first time this race has happened for skateboarders since 2013.

the track its self is like none other, within the first 30 seconds of leaving the finish line, riders clock in at 80km/h on one of the first corners, the dipper. Continuing on the track weaves down advertisement filled barriers, ending on the last straight clocking in at around 91 km/h.

Race day was filled with amazing runs with four man heats. I have never been to such a unique race track.

I finished 5th over all, getting taken out (crashed out) in the semi final, on the last corner. In the consolation round I took first place against Australian riders Connor Ferguson, and Jackson Shapiera,  solidifying my spot in 5th.


#1 Canadian in Men’s Open & ranked 6th in the world

With the IDF 2016 racing season officially over, I’m pretty stoked that I was able to finish in the top six in the world, and be the #1 Canadian in Men’s Open. Congrats to Carlos Paixao (1), Thiago Gomes Lessa (2) and Max Ballesteros (3) from Brazil, and Aaron Hampshire (4) from the US. Last year I was the #1 Junior in the world, but this was my first year competing exclusively in Men’s Open. The goal was to podium in Open, so I’m pretty pleased to have exceeded that with a 3rd at Mahackamack, a 3rd at Whistler, and a 2nd at Lillyhammer. Making the semi-final and finishing 4th in the consi round for an 8th overall at Mt. Keira and a 9th at Almabtrieb was pretty awesome too.  What a year!


Looking forward the the 2017 race season!

Thanks to my sponsors Original Skateboards, Aera Trucks and Powell Peralta Wheels (formerly These Wheels) for the awesome support throughout the year.

NEW Powell Peralta longboard wheels line up 

Powell Peralta Longboard Wheels

When These wheels announced they were no longer a company alot of people were confused, since These™ wheels where the best wheels on the market for quite a while. Rumours started going around that Powell Peralta would be taking over the brand, and that was exactly case. They’ve launched a new line up of wheels that is sure to impress – with a better slide, roll speed and durability than a These wheel.

Placed 2nd in men’s open at Lilyhammer & now ranked 3rd in the world

Placed 2nd in men’s open at Lilyhammer this year! That’s the 3rd men’s open final, and 3rd podium finish for the season!


The final featured Adam Persson, Max Ballesteros, Mauritz Armfelt and me. Pictured here is the final corner, where I was, ready to make my move holding a tight inside line to close in behind Adam in the lead. It was a tight race the finish from that point!

Link here for the complete coverage of the race day by the IDF.

Lilyhammer_podium IDF_rankings

Congratulations Adam Persson on finishing 1st and Mauritz Armfelt with taking 3rd!


Sitting 4th in the world for men’s open after Whistler World Cup race!

Pretty stoked to have made podium in men’s open, with a third place finish at the Whistler Longboard Festival IDF World Cup race this past weekend. It was great to finish strong so close to home.


(Nice to have my Mom, Dad and sis on hand to watch. Pictured here Pat and Pops. Thanks Pat for volunteering and helping out with the event!)

Conditions were challenging, with the final heat going down in sketchy weather that saw dry conditions at the top of the course, and a flash shower further down the hill. This made for some unpredictable skating as we all hit the unexpected wet pavement without having changed up to rain wheels. This race attracted competitors from 10 countries globally, so it was really terrific to see the podium dominated by Canadians all from the west coast. Well done Dane and Troy – you guys rocked it! Lee Cation always holds amazing events, and with the difficulty of finding the money to pull this event together, everyone helped out and made it run as smooth as it has always been. Sad to see this location leave, but with the IDF hosting events, there might be another Canadian classic around the corner. YEAH CANADA!!!


Now it’s off to Europe for Lilyhammer, Almabtrieb and Kozakov. I’m pretty stoked to be sitting 4th in the world for Men’s Open currently. If you would like to see how Europe shakes things up in the standings, stay tuned to the IDF World Rankings!


Awesome racing at Mahackamack 400 and Killington Downhill Throwdown

Mahackamack 400

I was thrilled to make it into the final at Mahackamack this year. Leading until the final stretch, I ended up finishing 3rd after a fall that took me down along with Thiago Lessa from Brazil. Congratulations to last years World Champion Carlos Paixao from Brazil who then took the lead and the win. It was incredible to be racing with these guys in the final during my first season of men’s open. I’m looking forward to more of it!


Pretty stoked on my first men’s open IDF podium finish for the 2016 season.


You can read the full race report from Mahackamack here, along with all the podium results. Thanks to race organizers and title sponsor Original Skateboards for organizing an awesome event.

Downhill Throwdown at Killington

While many of the racers at Mahackamack traveled directly to Killington Vermont, I hopped a plane back to Vancouver BC for my high school graduation in between events, and returned just in time to hit late afternoon of practice day at Killington. It was a tiring schedule, but I turned in a solid 12th place qualifying time. I had an unfortunate fall in the last corner during this competitive heat and ended up not advancing. This course is crazy fast. I clocked in at 67mph (107 km/hr) on the radar gun right before that final corner.


Still, pretty stoked on the weekend of racing and time with the homies! Thanks to Marc Dean for putting on these two great IDF race events again this year. And thanks again to my sponsors Original Skateboards, These Wheels and Aera Trucks for supporting me attending these events. Looking forward to Showdown at the Loops at Maryhill this coming week, when the IDF North American circuit moves to Oregon on the West Coast. Then it’s back to my home province of British Columbia for the Whistler Longboard Festival.


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