The board you ride can be broken down into three categories. All of them have benefits to certain kinds of experience


Top-mount longboards are meant for someone who has been riding for a while, they are probably an intermediate or expert rider, and really like to grip hard, and go fast.

top mount longboards also excel in racing situations, since they carry a higher centre of gravity, giving the rider more over all grip and control over the road. My personal  board of choice.

These boards are great for someone looking to really “play with their standing platform, experimenting with wheel-base options, really honing in on the set-up that feels perfect for confident, fast riding.


Drop-deck longboards are great for the rider who likes a little bit more ease of slide in there everyday riding. Due to a slightly lower centre of gravity, compared to a top mount, the drop deck will excel in freeride at an intermediate level.

this style of board also hosts a longer wheel base than a top mount, and will allow the rider to gain confidence in there skills at higher speeds.


Drop-through longboards have the lowest clearance from the ground making them the best option for any beginner rider, learning how to slide. I rode a drop through for close to two years when I first started, I made learning tricks easier and more comfortable, and It lead me to pushing my skills to larger hills with the most comfort possible.


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