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I have spent the past six years of my life putting up my story out on social media, as a downhill-skateboarder. My aspirations stem from previous athletes that ruled the IGSA Word Cup circuit, and provided inspiration for myself and others, bringing up the next generation of longboarders at the time.

As a healthy active guy, I grew up loving the sport for the social activity and exercise it put into my life. Really it was a community I gravitated towards, because of the open kind people everyone was, it was so easy to have a good friend connection. It was great exercise too, there was no question where I would be after school, it was always somewhere in North Van, skating, en-mass with other teens from schools in Vancouver. didn’t matter who with, or where, there was always someone to ride, hike hills, or just annoy the neighbours.

Big time longboard companies started to notice the scene in Vancouver pick up, the rise of being sponsored in high school was becoming a reality for a few of us. We were getting sent gear. We talked about it with all the guys, we were little marketing icons for the companies that were sending us gear. It was working, the companies gained traction in areas they hadn’t before. and that sent everyone on a mission for the purpose of being recognized, we would make sick videos and show off our skills, post the videos on youtube and share with all our friends to get them on a boards. But while this was all happening, us teenage grade 10-12s were starting to graduate, we had to make decisions that would set us on a path of life, which was not all longboards and road rash. The fact of the matter was, we had to grow up.

And thats were the scene got shrunken down, people started dropping off the radar like crazy, no one wanted to skate anymore. however a┬ácore group of riders stuck around, we called our selfs the “Homies” this group of riders were good, we challenged our selfs by heading to British properties of west Vancouver, and rolling with 10-12 others, trying to beat the guy in front, but also stay aware and safe from cars. From my perspective, we all did it because we loved it. A bunch of teenage adrenaline junkies just RIPPING around on a $1.75 per bus ticket.




Kozokov, CZ. PC - CGSA Downhill


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