Alex charleson

I’d say I’m known for sharing my experience of niche activites. I have a knack for outdoor adventure with an intuition and eye for photography.

Ski instructor, internationally traveled downhill skateboarder, photographer, and an influence in a niche online community.

I decided to take my ventures into my own hands at the end of highschool. My capabilities as a competitive downhill skateboarder lead me to persue a life outside the normality of school.

Having Traveled to 14 different countries by the age of 19 is a moment that will seldomly be said by few. Being of a piont of privlage my adventure was mine to decide where to go.

Because I wanted to see the road less traveled, stare down the face of fear, rebel against the system create chaos just to see if I was strong enough to make it. learning along the way involved experience through and through.

By taking the road less traveled, finding purpose along the way allowed me to find the intrinsic motifs for who I am. I created chaos, made sense of it, and learned the lessons it offered. Often taking photos or video along the way to document the moment.

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