The BIG One, a THS film premiere

The Homies have been itching to put out a full length film for while. The content that we had been throwing up to our Youtube channel (THS – The Homie Skate Media) had been smaller clips with good content, just a bit of skating here and there but nothing BIG.

Tyler added me into a group chat one Friday afternoon, little did I know, the boys had planned a huge trip. We spent four days hopping the gulf islands hitting several spots, that our Filmer Jake had picked out on Google maps. The plan was set; Salt spring Island, Vancouver Island, then film clips of the local roads that we grew up skating. This trip was bound to be Big, the production, bound to be one for the books.

The Skate trip started out like most do, an afternoon ferry ride out to our first island stop, Salt Spring – accessible by drive on ferry. The boys were locked and loaded, with boards in the trunk, and fresh thane to burn! We were stoked.

There was something about the mystery behind the spots that had us itching with excitement. We couldn’t wait to shred the spots that Jake said “Google maps doesn’t do justice.” This is normally a good thing when you’re heading into unknown hill territory.

The trip was over all an amazing time. The hills were beyond belief. Even sitting here writing this takes me back to some of the spots wanting take better lines and huck even harder. We Camped, hung out, drank, ate, and went full send. Confidence in our minds and the knowledge in our feet, we knew what we were doing.

A serious conversation needs to be had around the reason we film the way we do. The dangers associated with filming long-boarding are possibly some of the greatest of any sport in the world. Followed by a car two feet off your ass, we attempt at putting the viewer right into the shoes of the rider. Some adrenaline filled viewing, for an inspiring content base, someone looking at getting into downhill would be scared silly. We talked maybe changing the style of filming for this video, arranging stationary shots. We added some, for variety but we decided to put raw runs in because it all went to the ground when we saw these spots. Steep, deep apexes, pasted on mountainous country sides, we knew for a fact that anyone watching our full length was going to be doing one thing – sitting there in awe. This is the top tear performance of Vancouver riding: styling fast down every hill, adding grace to everything by slowing down while standing up.

The Homies Skate does not encourage the use of follow runs, nor do we think it’s a good idea, but for us it was the best way to put the viewer into our shoes and see what downhill skateboarding is all about.

The new content we plan on broadcasting will show a variety of shots and give more knowledge on how to go about trying the sport safely. Look forward to this in the future. We’re brainstorming some good stuff to run down the tube.



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