Mt Straja, Lupeni, Romania. The event with a ski lift!

Driving from holland to Romania was enough of a long haul, but five days of riding down a 6km track, with ski lift access, that was the real long haul.

The entry fee of $380 CAD covered five days of riding, hotel with lunch and dinner+

The amount of nationalities that came out to ride was treat to have been part of. Being able to ride with Swedes one run, say good riddance, then ride with Australians, Americans, or Germans was a treat, similar to many international events!

The first two days, the pavement was dry luckily. Straja is a road known for its leg burning dry skating. As soon as it turns wet, its another story.


pilzbombscrew 2
Throwing it sideways on Powell-Peralta Downhill, prototype wheels



The rest of the days, we had a wet event.

Fog set in, and It was difficult to see the track. Many riders decided not to race, due to the conditions. We had patchy pavement, a combination of dry and wet spots on the road. Combined patchy roads with fog, depth perception decreases making it quite unsafe to ride at times.

In the straight sections we reached speeds upwards of 80km/h

Fun for many, but the riding became to much of a task for others. The staff kept the event running smoothly, despite a couple injuries. After witnessing a gnarly dislocated shoulder from a friend from Michigan. It was enough of a nudge in the direction of not racing to call it. Back to the hotel I went! Sleeping was more necessary than racing at that point.

pilzbombscrew 3
Pilzbomb crew photography.


Overall a very well thrown event. The IDF race in Pascal Vulcan, plus the Freeride will be absolutely off the hook from what I hear!

Stay tuned for more photos and write ups 🤙🏻


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