The Derringer 28 a traveling precision carver

Whether it’s downhill, freestyle, running, walking, sleeping, standing still, I think still possible to ride a plank of wood.

If you’ve ever though that skateboarding seems appealing, but its been too intimidating, there is always time to start. Its one of those activities that you really get some satisfaction out of when you’re done.

Anyone who downhills knows what I’m talking about. Simply learning how to push when you began felt like a major accomplishment. Similarly, a downhill rider feels the rush when he makes it down a 4km mountain pass. It’s DOPE

For some there is fear of falling, how can you avoid falling?

By taking baby steps, you might goof it a few times but just laugh it off.

point A to point B. Grocery store, two blocks to a friends place, cruising along a beachside. Would you dare to do it in style? turn heads in the process.

The Derringer 28 is a classic soul carver shape with tons of portability, Its 28 inches and looking like a mini surf board. Strapped to a backpack it’s one of the best boards for traveling I have ever used!

plus is half decent exercise


It may be intimidating. It may feel embarrassing. But you have friends for a reason eh!

Learning a new skill with a few friends has never been a bad idea, remember that time you got drunk and rode bikes for the first time? its kinda like that, minus the hangover.




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