So there are a few reasons why I made this hash-tag.



Going and against the grain with a chainsaw only works if you can plant more trees.


Over the coarse of my six years of riding, the amount of information I have come by has been incredible, I’m not talking about the skateboarding. If I told you where it all started though, it might be a little bit hard to believe. So picture this, Mini grade 7 me. Skinny, crocs, Neo green bike helmet, hardware gloves with cutting board hot glued on them, and a skateboard, the trucks mounted to the kick tails to simulate a longboard. Add a gung-ho attitude and you have me.

This was filmed in grade seven, a couple scrawny kids with video camera’s daring to be different.


This is where my creative endeavour started, I loved doing this stuff! The fact of the matter was I didn’t care what other people thought of me!  and this is what I’m trying to get at. Allot was about to change, moving into middle school I knew I was in for it, I knew I was gong to be different. 

So middle school came, I still rode, but the video making got put on hold for a little bit since school was becoming something I actually cared about. I wanted a future, but the path I was on looking like a Zig Zag one…

But I kept on with my dangerous endeavours, still asking my parents for video equipment. The Creativity that making this video sparked, led me down the road of creativity.

The friends you meet in middle school want to know what your interests are, specifically what you did in elementary. I was not going to pretend like I was someone else, because that just creates confusion. So I told them, the full story you could say. let them see a few of my videos. They saw me as different. Honestly, It still didn’t really matter to me what they thought about my interests. So I kept making videos.

after a point, I knew I was getting better at riding, friends were into it. The scene was “POPPING” I wanted to see where these clips could take me, So I send a well drafted email and a few of my videos out to a couple of board companies, local and abroad.

Alex Charleson Solo Skate – (Google it if you care to see, its not linking for some reason) one of the videos that I added to the mix when I was drafting my “sponsorship” emails. The clips themselves were an assortment of ones my friends filmed of me, and one that I filmed of myself. The goal of the video was to try and get other people to make these sorts of videos, for their sake; self promotion was a BIG deal if you wanted to receive free gear.

Did it work, not really, actually separating myself from the judgement of other riders and going freelance caused turbulence in the culture. In hind sight, other riders may have seen me as trying to hard! causing them to stop riding, or move to the skateboard park. I was an accepting kid, not one one to conform to the pack, a lone wolf you could say.

So would I do anything differently looking back? If I had the self confidence to start a longboard club I may have. But would it make some one feel bad if they came into the club, tried, fell and hurt them selfs, then left? and what about sponsors… jealousy is blind.

I would most likely add more people into my videos, creating the community feeling, Minus company logos, unless promotion is something you stand for.

Going and filming your self only works if you can create opportunities for others.

 tag friends, go places, explore!


film it if you want recycled wheels!

Next Quick Rip Clip deadline will be sometime during August. 




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