What does it mean to be a “longboarder”

The fact of the matter is that, yes, there is a stigma surrounding the fraise “I’m a longboarder” for what reason? well, a longboarder could pull a couple different responses out of their back pocket and tell you the truth or tell you the response that would make it culturally appropriate, or you could just say you’re a skateboarder that likes to ride down hills with a larger skateboard. All of these responses have places in conversation, but there is a divide in the culture of skateboarding that creates stigma and really “separates” skateboarders from longboarders.

Before I continue, however the fact that the whole conversation I mention above could be redundant beyond believe, and many parallels can be drawn from it in modern society.

lets just suppose we’re standing on planks of wood, supported by metal, rolling on polyurethane for the same reason. We all believe that this idea is sustainable. We all believe that becoming healthy, environmentally friendly, and vastly culturally accepting people is not a bad idea, and we could really care less about what they; the vast majority of society thinks about us. In todays society, this could potentially be considered counter culture, but to what the categorized cultural skateboarder may thing is progressive, may also be seen as destructive to people in a modern democracy.

But we’re great entertainment, right? elderly people stop but to watch us and give a friendly wave, some not so much. But did we show them something that will probably come up at dinner time with all of their friends? maybe.

The categorized culture of Longboarders, could be considered to skate park riders as being the counterculture within itself. But really, it is hard to draw such a duality when we all ride a plank of wood, supported by metal, rolling on polyurethane. We all believe in the same future for ourselves too eh; Kind, healthy, and badass. One is just more developed than the other

I just started writing these things so bare with my train of thought here.

riding for me was about self improvement, school didn’t offer that social confidence boost, in many ways it degraded it, but thats me; very individualistic. Not hating since school is one of those places that teaches you how you personally learn, be social, all the rest.

Physical self improvement

Hey so you wan to learn how to surf down any road you wish or ride that rail, without falling over once. OH, and hOly just gotta love thinking you can go into any test scenario thinking you’re gonna be good just because you literally just attended school. Good luck buddy, falling/failing is one of the only ways you learn your lessons in life, take the fall/fail ask your self; what went wrong and do it again while moving position slitty each time. The thing about riding I that took away from it was the rocking bod you get from hiking up and down hills and pushing around town. Behond that, it tought me physical dicepline, and healthy eating.

Mental self improvement

So scenario here. you ‘ve been riding for a solid 6 months now, learning by falling and trying again, and the idea of a 60km/road seems sweet. You start riding, get half way and fall, realizing your knee pad slipped exposing skin to pavement, you’ve got some deep road rash. While the neighbour across the street watches pensively to see what happens you exclaim “AAHHHGGGGGG” the neighbours looks at you and his looks says “Well buddy looks like you’ve done yourself in there” you look hat him and say ” ill be fine” because the reality is that you’ve fallen before, you know that your road rash will heal and your body will be back to itself in a month, it frankly annoys you, the neighbour is not helping.

Some of you may have read this story with utter discuss on your face, and some may have said that person knows how to deal with stressful situations. Becoming mentally tough was a large part of riding for me. This metal strength drives me to this day, its not easy getting beaten in a race. especially when you’ve trained and put in the time. You can have the option of dealing with these sober thoughts taking them into light and focusing them for the next race you attend, or you can weaken yourself, drinking and smoking the pain away. Either way, you eventually learn lessons.

Longboarding down hills is fun, the learning curve is harsh and painful at first but the only sting you feel at the end of the road is the one you get when you get beaten by someone you never saw coming.

Or like many of us, you can slide free-ride, freestyle, carve, dance, or downhill.

All are fun, all are culturally categorized as longboard activities, but at the end of the day, we ride.



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