#1 Canadian in Men’s Open & ranked 6th in the world

With the IDF 2016 racing season officially over, I’m pretty stoked that I was able to finish in the top six in the world, and be the #1 Canadian in Men’s Open. Congrats to Carlos Paixao (1), Thiago Gomes Lessa (2) and Max Ballesteros (3) from Brazil, and Aaron Hampshire (4) from the US. Last year I was the #1 Junior in the world, but this was my first year competing exclusively in Men’s Open. The goal was to podium in Open, so I’m pretty pleased to have exceeded that with a 3rd at Mahackamack, a 3rd at Whistler, and a 2nd at Lillyhammer. Making the semi-final and finishing 4th in the consi round for an 8th overall at Mt. Keira and a 9th at Almabtrieb was pretty awesome too.  What a year!


Looking forward the the 2017 race season!

Thanks to my sponsors Original Skateboards, Aera Trucks and Powell Peralta Wheels (formerly These Wheels) for the awesome support throughout the year.

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