Danger Bay 15 and Britannia Classic 2016 a wrap!

Danger Bay 15

I had an awesome couple of weekends skating and racing recently. Danger Bay 15 was a blast with really tight racing into the final round.


Things got so tense in the semi-final, that they had to re run it to determine the final two to go through to the final. K-Rimes finished first in the semi, but with three of us in a virtual tie for second, we set off for a final bid into the final. I was in the lead heading into “crash corner” with the finish line in sight, but unfortunately, crash corner ended up getting the best of me and I hit the bales! You can watch that epic action here:

I ended up finishing 3rd in my consi final, and 7th overall. Overall, I was pretty pleased from a field of over 200 skaters from around the world. You can read more about it in the Coast Reporter here. Congrats to K-Rimes for winning Danger Bay the 4th consecutive year!


Britannia Classic 2016

The Britannia Classic went down two weekends later. This is always a well organized and fun event put on by Lee Cation, and this year didn’t disappoint, although the weather brought out the rain wheels during the final race day. Fortunately it dried up for the final, but I had been knocked out in quarters while the road was still pretty wet. Just couldn’t hold it together on the slippery conditions this year! You can read about the event in the Squamish Chief here. Congrats to Adam Persson on the win this year!



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