Next up Attack of Danger Bay May 22

This year marks the 15th annual Attack of Danger Bay, the race that arguably started it all. Danger Bay was the first longboard race in Canada. Basically this is where the stoke got stoked.  It continues to attract a mix of local and international riders and is totally grass roots, and hosted by BRICON “STRIKER” LYONS, THE SPORT’S LEGENDARY COMMENTATOR! It takes place in Pender Harbour, a small Sunshine Coast BC town not too far from where my family has a cabin on Nelson Island.

Danger Bay was the first race I ever watched in 2006, and it’s one of the reasons I got so interested in the sport. It’s also the first event I ever entered when I started racing in 2013, so it will be fun to return this year with so many of the sports great riders now as close friends.

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