Stoked for 2016: Mt Keira & Mt Ruapehu races down under

2016 kicked off down under with Mt. Keira in Australia and Mt. Ruapehu in New Zealand. I made it into the semi-final at Keira against some major competition. Crazy tight racing in Open!


Semi-final heat: Thiago Lessa (Brazil), Max Ballesteroz (Brazil), Alex Charleson (Canada), and Jackson Shapiera (Australia). Full race report from Mt Keira here.

Unfortunately I crashed out in the quarters at Mt. Ruapehu going for a pass, but, that’s racing! Congrats to Aaron Hampshire (US) on an epic win after Brazil’s Douglas Dalua, Thiago Lessa and Max Ballesteros fell in the final.

I can’t wait for races to start in North America and then over to Europe. It’s going to be a great mix of IDF World Cup and WC Qualifiers, combined with some great local races. First up is the Catalina Classic in California in May followed by the Britannia Classic. Can’t wait get back to California and get the season rolling close to home.


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